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Have you ever just had a series of events that were so powerful that seemed to come out of nowhere, made no sense why they happened and prior to the unforeseen occurrence, one might think such a moment were not even possible or probable to take place.  Some may refer to them as a mere coincidence or just pure luck.  Lucky CBD was created by a series of powerful fortunate events. 

Those of us who have ever experienced a coincidental moment or life events know the powerful effect such an experience can have.  This is both the wonder and awe of what we call serendipity.  We know a key ingredient to these powerful events is luck.  Luck is defined as the chance happening of good fortune, prosperity or success.

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In 2019, Randi had the good fortune to cross paths with an organic farmer she’d been introduced to over ten years prior.  He talked about his farm in Colorado and showed her beautiful pictures of rows and rows of his upcoming harvest. His robust plants had captured the simple beauty of life and health. He talked about the plight of many organic farmers who were struggling to survive against the Big company growers and how they had no way of getting their crop to the people.  Desperate to find some way to help, Doctor of Naturopathy, Randi Shannon found a way. She had a vision and clearly saw how to team up and bring the farmers directly… to you.  Because of that ‘Lucky’ introduction so many years ago, we were able to sell out of the first orders completely, within just a few days.  And that’s when the fun really began..what started out as selling just a few plants a week has grown into a nationwide opportunity for farmers and buyers alike.  With our farmers no longer scared about their futures, and the amazing support of Lucky CBD fans, one might normally say The End, but this is just the beginning…. 

Guys from Innomerce are real professionals. They did not only helped me to resolve my issues, but also showed me some directions how I can develop and expand my business. I am very pleased with the outcome. Thanks

Julia WillamsHappy client

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